Jumat, Oktober 15, 2010

the princess and pink sugar

Hi, welcome to my new blog. Actually, long ago I made this blog. But thanks to my lazy (and hopefully it will not come anymore from now on) I so rarely post anything.

I will create a new concept. The concept of the old blog so bad, until my best friend, Lie, commenting is not clear how the blog that I make, lol. I'll post more about fashion and everyday magic that I experienced. And maybe some merchandise, too, because I will try to business online.

About the Princess and Pink Sugar, for some reason I'm happy just with that title. The idea makes sense stems from the title that pleased me with a unique ad sugar and cheerful. Tells of sugar land complete with palace, the princess and prince. I will make my blog as much as possible to be like that. Fashion-fashion color of food, culinary as well as all items are cute and sweet like candy.

Well, hopefully my blog can be an inspiration. And, enjoy! ^ ^

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