Kamis, November 18, 2010

hot weather yesterday, but wore a thick sweater

The most exciting thing for me now is to fashion. I'm happy to put something on my sister's body and upload them on the blog and also chictopia. What is more fun than diving a hobby? I think not.
I wear clothes that little torture yesterday. in very hot weather, I insist she wear a thick sweater. this to the demands my mood who are want to expose the thick clothes because next week I'm going to have familiarity in Tawangmangu night. a beautiful thick blue sweater was a gift from my aunt. I'd never wear it though good detail and decent thick for cold weather like in mountains.skinny Cressida silver jeans that I bought just enough to match even with sweater.and why I told her to bring a teddy bear? I think there's nothing warmer than dolls teddy when I travel far. This made me feel at home alone.

I say thanks a lot for my little sister, Imas Fennya for your understanding about my sense of fashion that sometimes (they say) "lebay".she's the best model! and thanks also to my boyfriend dearest, Danu who are willing to drive anywhere towards a good place to be used as background foto.sorry, yesterday I was a little upset.

Jumat, November 05, 2010

girls must have

I think this shoe is very cool for my picture next target. unfortunately, the size is too big. he will enter the next wish list.

Kamis, November 04, 2010

outfit yesterday

yesterday went to evening to follow the selection of photography.
HOW tired!
I hope to pass the selection.

i wore :
my mom's shoes
black legging Rp 30.000,00 ($3)
my granny skirt
Missty top

Jumat, Oktober 29, 2010

black and white (again)

sorry picture is too small =)
thrifted blue hijab
guess dress
levi's jeans

I'm with Prima when completed college. moments of fun chatting with Prima and Lie in front of the university.
unfortunately, no photos Lie here.

I'm thrilled with the movie Lim Soo Jung, entitled "... ing". very sad. Min Ah Kang character is very interesting, I want it seems. however, why end in death, anyway? = (

Rabu, Oktober 27, 2010


At 07:00 pm, went to college with bee's red corolla. And by chance I shed a tear since I saw the news this morning. An old grandfather left her children to evacuate in the event of the eruption of Mount Merapi in Magelang. he was left alone at home without being able to do anything (the old man paralyzed legs). What happens if an evacuation team could not find it?

And the Bee confused to see me crying for no reason is clear. Hahaha, sorry ...

Rabu, Oktober 20, 2010

20.10.2010 I found my memories

Hah, every day of rain. I started thinking to remove the fleece clothes to go to college. However, I think back. The weather was erratic. During the day very hot and it rains every afternoon. I have to wear what?

(jacket-unbranded Rp 78.000,00 ; top-unbranded ; skirt-B.S.G jeans Rp 65.000,00 ; belt-thrifted Rp 12.000,00)

I'm so glad to find this gray jacket. In addition to fine material, he also did not make me feel hot in hot weather.

Today after school, I spend my time with Danu (I guess every day I'm always with him, I'm afraid after a long time he will become addictive for me = P). The lecturer was nice today. I did not meet my professor of Political Science and Islamic lecturer I also repatriate us early because she will be a presentation at the University. Rather than go straight home, I'd go back around the city of Solo with no clear purpose. Lol.

After a walk, I'm back in my new routine. Clean rooms. I'm starting to like my new pink room. I tried to create an atmosphere in my room tidy. In addition to learning at home, I also try to live an organized start now. And in between my busy cleaning the room, I found a lot of memories when the high school. I so miss my friends in high school. WE GO reunion, FRIENDS! ToT

Jumat, Oktober 15, 2010

behind the scene

Some places that become the background in chictopia I think is very interesting. I'm so glad the streets by wearing unique clothes for when crossed to an interesting place, I can directly take photos. One of the things that can not be forgotten when I'm traveling is the camera. It may be a little interesting when some candid photos I'm posting to the blog. And this is the last photo we took when I took my boyfriend, Danu, the streets around the city of Solo. (He came from Jakarta and moved to Solo to study law.)

I chose a gray jacket and tights to cover my lower body.

He's my boyfriend at the same time a good photographer. Hehehe = p

Best smile, best pose

the princess and pink sugar

Hi, welcome to my new blog. Actually, long ago I made this blog. But thanks to my lazy (and hopefully it will not come anymore from now on) I so rarely post anything.

I will create a new concept. The concept of the old blog so bad, until my best friend, Lie, commenting is not clear how the blog that I make, lol. I'll post more about fashion and everyday magic that I experienced. And maybe some merchandise, too, because I will try to business online.

About the Princess and Pink Sugar, for some reason I'm happy just with that title. The idea makes sense stems from the title that pleased me with a unique ad sugar and cheerful. Tells of sugar land complete with palace, the princess and prince. I will make my blog as much as possible to be like that. Fashion-fashion color of food, culinary as well as all items are cute and sweet like candy.

Well, hopefully my blog can be an inspiration. And, enjoy! ^ ^