Kamis, November 18, 2010

hot weather yesterday, but wore a thick sweater

The most exciting thing for me now is to fashion. I'm happy to put something on my sister's body and upload them on the blog and also chictopia. What is more fun than diving a hobby? I think not.
I wear clothes that little torture yesterday. in very hot weather, I insist she wear a thick sweater. this to the demands my mood who are want to expose the thick clothes because next week I'm going to have familiarity in Tawangmangu night. a beautiful thick blue sweater was a gift from my aunt. I'd never wear it though good detail and decent thick for cold weather like in mountains.skinny Cressida silver jeans that I bought just enough to match even with sweater.and why I told her to bring a teddy bear? I think there's nothing warmer than dolls teddy when I travel far. This made me feel at home alone.

I say thanks a lot for my little sister, Imas Fennya for your understanding about my sense of fashion that sometimes (they say) "lebay".she's the best model! and thanks also to my boyfriend dearest, Danu who are willing to drive anywhere towards a good place to be used as background foto.sorry, yesterday I was a little upset.

Jumat, November 05, 2010

girls must have

I think this shoe is very cool for my picture next target. unfortunately, the size is too big. he will enter the next wish list.

Kamis, November 04, 2010

outfit yesterday

yesterday went to evening to follow the selection of photography.
HOW tired!
I hope to pass the selection.

i wore :
my mom's shoes
black legging Rp 30.000,00 ($3)
my granny skirt
Missty top