Rabu, Oktober 20, 2010

20.10.2010 I found my memories

Hah, every day of rain. I started thinking to remove the fleece clothes to go to college. However, I think back. The weather was erratic. During the day very hot and it rains every afternoon. I have to wear what?

(jacket-unbranded Rp 78.000,00 ; top-unbranded ; skirt-B.S.G jeans Rp 65.000,00 ; belt-thrifted Rp 12.000,00)

I'm so glad to find this gray jacket. In addition to fine material, he also did not make me feel hot in hot weather.

Today after school, I spend my time with Danu (I guess every day I'm always with him, I'm afraid after a long time he will become addictive for me = P). The lecturer was nice today. I did not meet my professor of Political Science and Islamic lecturer I also repatriate us early because she will be a presentation at the University. Rather than go straight home, I'd go back around the city of Solo with no clear purpose. Lol.

After a walk, I'm back in my new routine. Clean rooms. I'm starting to like my new pink room. I tried to create an atmosphere in my room tidy. In addition to learning at home, I also try to live an organized start now. And in between my busy cleaning the room, I found a lot of memories when the high school. I so miss my friends in high school. WE GO reunion, FRIENDS! ToT

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